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Second Opinions

A second opinion is advice from another doctor, based on a fresh look at a patient’s case. This may be requested by the patient or doctor involved in a case, for any of the following reasons:

  • the patient, at any time, feels that another view will help them
  • the doctor feels that different expertise is needed
  • the doctor feels that it would be helpful to have a fresh view of the case

Patients often feel uneasy about asking for a 2nd opinion, for fear of being viewed as either ungrateful for the advice that they have already received, or viewed as in some way “difficult”.

If you are not content with the advice or care that you receive from a doctor, you are perfectly entitled to ask for a second opinion. Your problems may be sufficiently complex that a further opinion is required after a second opinion. The more specialised that a case proves to be, the more likely that this is to be needed.

We are delighted to provide second (or subsequent) opinions, and are entirely familiar with this process, and with all of the sensitivities that may sometimes surround it.

We are also very familiar with the effect of “clearing the air” that a second opinion can produce. This may often allow the original consultant’s view to be better understood and result in confidence in the original consultant being restored.

To see us for a second opinion we are required to receive a referral from your GP or current consultant. You should discuss your concerns with them and explain that you feel you would benefit from a fresh look at your case.

When you come to see us please being full information about the tests you have had, including results and scans or x-rays if these have been previously undertaken. Your GP or consultant will forward these to us if a second opinion is being arranged.