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What can you expect from us?

We are committed to all aspects of Good Medical Practice set out by the General Medical Council:

  • Responding to your priority, whether that is
    • seeing a particular consultant
    • seeing a consultant as quickly as possible
    • seeing a consultant at a particular time or date
    • seeing an expert in a particular condition
  • Providing you with personal service
  • Treating you with courtesy and dignity
  • Effective and timely communication
  • Treating personal information about you with care, in confidence.
  • What can you expect at an out-patient clinic visit?
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  • Older man discussing urology prostate condition and treatment with expert Cambridge UK

What can you expect at an out-patient clinic visit?

At a visit to the Cambridge Urology Clinic, you can expect:

  • To be invited for tests before the appointment, if these are required
  • To be provided with details of our services
  • To be asked for contact details and details of your medical background
  • To be seen by one of our consultants, who will:
    • hold an initial discussion with you, about your symptoms or to do a health check.
    • decide whether to examine you. This may include examination of your abdomen, the genital region and an internal examination, depending on the nature of the symptoms. (Female patients will always be examined with a female nurse present as a chaperone.)
    • discuss with you what he feels is responsible for your symptoms
    • explain to you what he feels should be done next
  • To receive a copy of the letter sent to the doctor who referred you to the Cambridge Urology Clinic. This will be clearly worded and understandable.